Creative Director: Richa Purohit

Richa Purohit was born and raised in Kanpur, a city on the Ganges River historically regarded as one of India's holiest townships. She is from a family with a rich and deep-rooted history in medicine and beauty. Richa's close exposure to the industry has served as an inspiration behind KeSARI® and fueled her passion to bring ancient Indian beauty traditions to the modern Western world.

In honor of her traditional values, Richa's family Guru, Swami Rama, chose her husband and arranged for them to be married ten days later. Almost three decades later, they are still married and reside in Texas. They also have two children.

Her traditional upbringing did not hinder her from achieving her goals. Richa has received two Bachelor's degrees from both Lady Shri Ram College in New Delhi and the University of Minnesota, as well as a Master's of Business Administration degree in Marketing. Richa also earned her aesthetician certification from the Aveda Institute. For over twenty years, she has been a beauty consultant, sharing her wealth of knowledge and extraordinary inspiration to major cosmetic, health and research organizations.

Richa brings a unique quality to all of her endeavors, combining tradition with contemporary practices. It is her commitment to tradition that is the root of her success.